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How does Foundation help home sellers?

We have compiled a list of FAQs, helpful links, and services to aid you in your real estate experience.

  • Weekly ad in the Santa Barbara Newspress every Sunday.

  • Personal website for your property at with showing information, photos, features and directions.

  • Colorful property brochures including a description of the property will be designed to give to buyers and other agents.

  • The easiest way for potential buyers to view properties is to be able to see the property via a Lock Box along with a realtor. The Realtor can be instructed of your specific needs, either leaving a message at your home or cell phone number with the time the showing is going to be arranged or by appointment with you directly.

  • You will be given feedback on all showings within 48 hours of showings.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • The listing will be submitted to the MLS service immediately upon taking the listing.

  • An email announcing this new listing and all subsequent open houses and caravans will be sent to each of the agents and associate members (approximately 1,200).

Brokers' Caravan - Subject to Seller Approval
  • A Caravan where Brokers and Agents tour properties in your area will be scheduled for the first week the listing has been on the market. It will be held from 10:00-1:00. This is a great way for many agents to view the property in a short period of time.

Sign - Subject to Seller Approval
  • Subject to seller’s approval, a sign will be placed in front of the property with our phone number to facilitate calls directly to our company by any buyers or agents passing by.

  • What are the steps to buying a home?
    Initial Meeting Loan Qualification Find a Home Present and Negotiate Offer Open Escrow Contingency Period Obtain Homeowner’s Insurance Sign Documents Down Payment Close the Escrow
  • How much can I afford?
    Every buyer’s situation is different. We recommend using one of the online calculators to help you determine your loan qualification and financial needs.
  • How long does the buying/selling process take?
    On average, it can take up to [X] months from listing a property for sale to closing escrow. For buyers, we average [X] months on finding a suitable property for our clients.
  • Where can I learn about nearby schools and colleges?
    We recommend using Great Schools, School Matters and the National Center for Education Statistics search tool to look up information.
  • Should I buy or continue to rent?
    Answer here.
  • Who pays the Realtor fees when buying a home?
    Answer here.
  • How long does the seller have to respond to my offer?
    Answer here.
  • What if my offer is rejected?
    Answer here.
  • How much can you borrow?

  • Which loan is better?

  • How much should you put down for a new house?

  • How much will your home payments be?

  • What will your closing costs be?

  • How much can you save in taxes?

  • Are you better off refinancing?

  • Compare two cities

  • Change your address officially online

  • Moving with kids

  • Know your rights

  • Go green, save green with the postal service

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